Sunday, 20 February 2011

Christmas is over, New Year celebrations are finished and even smallest-bikini's New Year sale has come to an end but, you can always look forward to summer. Sand, sea and sun what more could a girl ask for? We have got a few treats still discounted if anything takes your fancy go on treat yourself.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The New Year Bikini Sale are pleased to confirm their half price sale started this week with lots of fantastic lines included. Why not take a look at what we have got that may take your fancy?

This gorgeous studded bikini with high leg design will set off any figure and it's less than half price - that can't be bad!

Take a look you are bound to find something you love, go on spoil yourself.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Men's Guide to Buying Lingerie For Women

Are you palms sweaty and your voice quivering? Is your heart beating with nervousness and you just can't wait to get the task at hand done? If so, you are most likely a male who is shopping for your woman's lingerie. A fantastic present, no doubt. However, this could explode in your face or bring you a night of pleasure that never seems to end. If you are not sure where to even begin and are afraid of making a mistake, there is no need to worry.

Lingerie Buying Tips Women who typically wear sweat pants and a tee shirt to bed will be happy with something comfortable. A complicated getup with garter belts and stockings may not be the best choice. A cute, soft babydoll in a soft fabric such as silk will offer her comfort and be sexy. If you are hoping for something racy, you may need to begin simple and slowly work more fancy lingerie into the bedroom. See if she loves the babydoll and then progress from there.

Written by Ethan

This is an unusual bikini that will certainly catch your eye. It has a beautiful high leg design with string halter neck top. Both top and bottoms are studded but comfortable!

£18 and ready for delivery

available now at

Monday, 6 September 2010

Emma McKay through to UF FF Girls Final in London

Miss UKFF 2010 :o)03/09/2010 17:25:52
Well ive made it through to the grand final of Miss UKFF 2010 :o) the event will be held at: Cafe de Paris in London on Saturday 18th of Sept@8-9pm : where 4/9 girls will be chosen to go to California to shoot and the winner will be chosen :o)

If you would like to come along and join me then please get intouch via facebook or my guestbook, i can get you on the guest list and you can meet me :o) the more the merrier, lets try get the numbers up x

Hope your all well and have a great weekend xx Emma xx
Posted By Emma Mckay

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Which style do I choose?

Part two!

We hope you liked some of our advice last week? Here's smallest-bikin's second part with some more hints and tips on the best bikini for you.

Bikinis with Skirts - skirts or bikinis with a little more frill around the bottom add curves because they make your waist look smaller than your bottom and hips. And remember the bigger the frills and skirts the more curves you create. Be careful though - too much will be overkill and a step too far.

Boyleg shorts - these cheeky bikinis flatter and flaunt your best assets without being too skimpy, they suit toned sporty types with curvy behinds adding more curves where you need them!

Be careful, these should be avoided by anyone who hasn't got a toned figure (all those that head to the gym weekly will be fine!) otherwise it will highlight all those areas you may dread!! If you still want to try them out choose a style that rises as it reaches your hip as this is a little more forgiving.
And finally. . .

Halter necks - One for any figure as they enhance a smaller bust but at the same time can hold in a bigger chest. They balance out bigger bottoms and show off shoulders. The petite of those amongst us can wear a little skimpier style to enhance your chest area, top heavy ladies should go for bikinis with fuller coverage, like smallest-bikin's bikini with ring detailing.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Which style do I choose?

We are getting to that time of year when all holidays are booked - or we're waiting for the last minute deal! And we are heading down to the shops to make sure we look the best on the beach and by the pool. Here at we thought you may need that little extra advice (and comfort) to help you make the right decision - you're not alone girls we all feel unsure when shopping for the one outfit that we know will show virtually the entire body!

So here goes, the first part:

The One Piece - swimsuits are a fashion favourite there are many different styles to suit every shape. Any girl with an hourglass figure will look great in retro cuts; petite figures suit low necklines and halter-neck straps, like this Cosmopolitan swimsuit at

String bikini's - unfortunatley restricted to the slim built amongst us and those with a slightly boyish shape. String style bikinis are usually quite skimpy which are perfect for showing off a slender body, while thin tie sides are great for making your legs look longer! But be careful, pulling the adjustable tie sides can make your legs look bigger :( See some of these available and in the sale!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Prepare for a Bikini Beach this Sumer!

We've all spent the last seven months safely covered up in trousers, thick tights, layers of jumpers and hats, scarfs and gloves. So it may be a bit of a shock to go straight to the beach as you are - to both you and the public around you! A little concentration on some areas of our look before we even enter the airport is all important, making us feel more confident when we get to our desired destination. Preparation is the key and leaving to the last minute won't achieve the results we are looking for. The colour of your skin is a vital ingrediant to making you feel good and confident in your bikini - if you are pale-skinned a warm golden glow camouflages cellulite and uneven skin tone, and studies have proven that it can make you look slimmer. Don't go over board though, a 'golden' glow is what we are looking for here!

Start with a proper exfoliation for a few weeks before your holiday and moisturise every day after a shower this will ensure your skin looks fresher and is ready to take some self tan. All over self tan is the next thing to achieve the week before you leave, remember to continue to exfoliate and moisturise at this time.

A couple of weeks before your holiday tune into your eating habits and chip away at the problem areas - mindless snacking, extravagant portions, the daily muffin and latte, the third glass of wine - evaluate the need for all of these treats. Simply cutting back on routine ways of consuming calories can make a real different to your figure in a relatively short period of time.

And don't forget - have a great time while you're away!!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

England are in the World Cup!

Yes its that time of year again - sorry they only come round every 4 years!? When we all loose our partners to the sounds of missed goals, failed penalties and red card incidents!

But us ladies can support our footballers in our own subtle way whilst not missing a second of the sun in one of smallest-bikini's very own England Bikini's. This is a classical high leg, white style bikini with red edging and ties sides. The St.George's cross is detailed on the bikini top in small gemstones that really catch the eye. also have a wide range of complimenting styles and colours as well as wraps and sarongs. Why not try a white tie sides with a red sarong? A Red Jewelled Micro Bikini with a white beach wrap? To ensure you have a good selection we have chosen some of our styles and you can find them all in our England Collection.

Monday, 29 March 2010

The Big Bikini Cover Up

To sarong or not to sarong there surely is no question. Do not be afraid to draw a veil over areas that you feel insecure about, a kaftan, sarong, sari, wrap or chemise are all brilliant camouflagers. Remember fashion is the most brilliant diverter of attention. Think beyond swimwear its a total look you're after and an opportunity to stamp your personal style. can help with several coloured wraps and sarongs, just see our website for more info.

Monday, 22 March 2010

The Micro Bikini

The Micro Bikini is what the term suggests - a bikini which leaves little to the imagination! It is extremely small in terms of the material and the coverage. If the prospect of wearing bikini's make you blush because of its erotic allure, micro bikinis will surely flush you red all over because of its appearance or should we say lack of!

Micro bikinis are very, very small versions of the bikini. They leave little to the imagination of those who can see it because it covers a bare minimum. The top and bottom of the bikini only cover the most sensitive part of the woman’s body. At we have triangular and teardrop shapes which covers the nipples, the crotch and the buttocks. The aim is to conceal as small an area as possible.

Not only because of its very provocative form is the micro bikini only for a select few of the women’s population. The micro bikini is made mainly for those who are blessed in terms of physical assets. The size and shape of this type of bikini is made with showing off the body! -only those who are daring enough to show what they have can wear the micro bikini.

The Micro Bikini is made for those who are utterly confident with their bodies as it exposes pretty much every nook and cranny of a woman’s sensuality. It is perfect for summer getaways in daring summer locations. This is made for those women who love to show off their curves and assets with the intention of getting a very even tan with minimal tan lines.

The micro bikini is only for those who are very liberated. And there is in fact nothing left for conservatism with this type of fashion. If you prefer the maximum of sex appeal with the minimum of coverage, then the micro bikini is definitely for you. Sensual and inviting, the micro bikini is something a women can wear outdoors and indoors—in private places if only to excite the imagination of your partner, if you know what we mean.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Kate Winslet Hits Mexico In Black Bikini

We were all quite shocked to hear the news about Kate Winslet and husband Sam Mendes, married in 2003, announce their split this week. Sources do say that the split was amicable and things were just not working out due to working commitments seemingly spending more time apart than together.

I think we can see that Kate is certainly trying to put things behind her and enjoy sunning herself in Mexico in a gorgeous black bikini flattering her well known curvaceous figure.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Bikini History

Most people think that the bikini is a relatively modern invention. While this is mostly true, what we now consider a bikini actually dates back to antiquity. Paintings on Greek pottery depicting women wearing two-piece garments that don't look much different from modern bikinis date back to 1400 B.C.

Our modern version of the bikini was invented in 1946 by Louis Réard, a French engineer. It got it's name from the Bikini Atoll in the Pacific, which was the site of nuclear weapons testing early in 1946. Réard reckoned that a garment that covered so little of the female body would likely cause as much controversy as a nuclear explosion. He couldn't have known at the time just how right he was!
Popular Bikinis now contain floral prints, stripes or patterns. Black bikinis always remain in style but white, turquoise and red also remain popular. Bikinis can also have embellishments, jewellery, lace or even embroidery. Throughout the years bikinis have never gone out of style, in fact skimpier bikinis are becoming more and more widely acceptable. You can show off your curves and assets with a bikini just right for your figure. You can get whatever you want with the wide variety of bikini colours and styles available. Turquoise is eye-catching and would definitely turn someone’s eye, pastel shades are great too for the softer personality while outgoing women can opt for prints and bold colours, animal prints are also available for those who want to strut their stuff on the beach. offers a wide range of all bikinis to suit any shape or taste

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Mylene Klass looked a picture of calmness whilst strolling along the beach in Barbados this weekend after deciding to take a well deserved holiday after the end of Popstars to Operastars. She did however get a little wet when taken completely unaware by a huge wave.
Fortunately she avoided a wardrobe malfuntion when a huge wave nearly swept her bikini completely away! But Mylene was not put off and stayed in the cooling sea for some more beach fun!! Mylene was wearing a classy leopard print bikini which shows off her stunning physique to perfection. have some Leopard Print Bikinis for you to choose from both our mini and micro collections

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Sexy White Bikinis!!

We think that the white bikini is definitely back if these celebs have anything to go by. Amelle Berrabah is seen in Barbados wearing a white halter-neck bikini with fancy gold embellishments.
Alexandra Burke was also in Barbados, wearing a sporty-looking white bikini. have a variety of white bikinis and nothing is more special than our romantic ruffle bikini which we think will show off your figure to the max!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Celebrity Bikini Gossip

Celebrity Bikini Gossip: "Sarah Harding Bikini Pictures
February 9th, 2010 by Lance Butts

Hey everybody! Yes, it’s me the Butts. Well, I couldn’t resist putting up another photo of English babe Sarah Harding. There’s just something about the way she wears a tiny bikini that gets my attention.
She’s a bit skinny for my taste and her upper region is quite small. You all know I like them fake and fabulous. But anyways she looks pretty good.
There are pictures around of her like she’s active on tv or something. I guess it’s just because she’s being photographed wearing sexy bikinis. I don’t care what the reason is. Just keep bringing it on."